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Give yourself space to let the light in (Advent Day 12)

votive candles on altarThe holidays can be a very hectic time – both joyous and stressful. Add to it colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours, which can darken moods and zap energy.

During Advent, we wait in ever-deepening anticipation of what is to come, and what has been promised.

We wait, preparing to move from darkness into a life of light and spiritual awakening, as marked by the arrival of Winter Solstice and the celebration of Christmas.

We wait, and we begin to open our hearts wider to let the light in.

Give yourself space throughout the day to welcome, little by little, the return of natalis solis invicti, or the birth of the unconquered sun/Son.

“…let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

Change up your schedule to share a leisurely breakfast or lunch with a loved one. Go for a long walk with your dog at night and admire the Christmas lights. Play music and dance in your kitchen while baking treats. Snuggle up with your sweetie on the couch and be truly present in the moment you’re sharing. Visit a chapel, sit in the pews and allow the silence to undo the knots in your soul. Light several votive candles, offering prayers to those who may need comfort and peace.

Feel free to share your experience or your creative suggestions. If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, share using the #24daysofgiving hashtag. Let’s spread some love and good cheer!

Did you miss a day?

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Day 3: Give time to a worthy cause

Day 4: Give someone a helping hand

Day 5: Give a cup of coffee or tea

Day 6: Give 3 words of love

Day 7: Give a handwritten note

Day 8: Give hugs

Day 9: Give blessings

Day 10: ForGIVEness for yourself and others

Day 11: Give yourself permission to say no

#24daysofgiving is an Advent experiment in being called to come into being through the practices of love and compassion, while reflecting on the coming of Christ into the world.

(Image credit: Dana L. Young)

8 thoughts on “Give yourself space to let the light in (Advent Day 12)

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